Monday, April 30, 2012

The Question 04/30 - What anime did you watch this weekend?

My weekend was absolutely insane.  There was so much going on that I barely had time to relax.  Things finally calmed down by Sunday night, which means we had a bunch of people over for a WWE pay-per-view event!  Yeah, it was a busy weekend with family parties and an early podcast, so I was absolutely maxed out for time.

I hope you guys had a more relaxing weekend than I did!  I also hope it involved a bit of anime watching.  Leave a comment or send us a Tweet to let us know what you watched!


  1. I finished watching Motto To Loveru. It was quite entertaining overall, but if you've only been exposed to To Loveru through anime, it starts out incredibly confusing. There is obviously a ton of content from the manga that they just threw into the second season of the anime without ever bothering to cover it in anime form. New characters are suddenly part of the cast with no introduction, and existing characters have changed a lot. It's like an entire season happened in-between that everyone missed unless you read the manga.

  2. Finished of watching Darker than black GOTM, watched episode 2 of Kids on the slope and carrying on with the studio ghibli dvd collection.

  3. I watched Gurren Lagann (finished it) and more Gintama.