Monday, May 28, 2012

The Question: 5/28 - What anime did you watch this weekend?

If you live in North America, you better have watched some anime this weekend! Why do I say it like that? Because the rebirth of Toonami hit Adult Swim, that's why! What a glorious return it was. So glad to have that anime block getting more attention. Not only that, but Tom returned in grand fashion. I couldn't believe my eyes when it actually came back.

If you did watch that, let us know what you thought! If you didn't, tell us what other anime you checked out!


  1. None for me this weekend. My nephew is visiting from Kanasas City, and he absolutely will not watch anime for whatever reason.

  2. Sadly I do not currently get Cartoon Network, so I had to miss out on the Toonami revival. Though, I have watched both of the new shows and definitely recommend checking out Casshern Sins.
    I did, however, finish up the charming show Sound of the Sky and started The Beast Player Erin which is really good so far.

  3. Yeah I watched Soul Eater.



    I WATCHED TOONAMI!!!! I can't believe that it is back. It's new so it's not the best, but we have to watch and support it so it /can/ get better.