Monday, December 16, 2013

Kill la Kill is just what I expected...and I love it

It's silly, zany, goofy, serious, action-packed, risque and all-around interesting.  I finally sat down to watch some Kill la Kill.  After checking out the first 3 episodes, I can definitely say that I'm hooked.  I knew the people involved with the project would most likely tickle all my anime fancies, but I never expected them to do that so early on.

Kill la Kill seems like a very smart mix of crazy and endearing.  There's an interesting story tucked behind the over-the-top action and outrageous characters.  Like most good anime, there's plenty of visual eye-candy and dazzling moments to please fans of the genre, but there's a lot more going on under the surface.  You have to be willing to sit there and actually focus on the storytelling, rather than taking the content at just face value.

If you are going with just face value, you're still in for a treat.  My good LORD is Kill la Kill gorgeous.  Some of the action scenes are insanely well put together.  The best part is, I can actually follow what's going on!  Sometimes anime features look amazing, but it can be very hard to keep up with and process the action.  Kill la Kill does a great job of drawing your attention to the important bits that fly around in a flurry of madness.

The characters are all so well designed as well!  I feel like there aren't too many anime trope characters here.  Some unique twists on standard designs, as well as character stylings that feel new and fresh.  Personalities shine through with the character designs, as well as the other way around.  Characters are fun to listen to and watch.  They hold your attention and play an important role in building up the main character.  A great cast of personality thus far.

Of course, there's a very heavy helping of fan-service here, but I'll give some credit where credit's due.  Kill la Kill does have a reason behind the barely-there clothing of some of the characters.  Some might say it's just a shameless way to justify scantily-clad characters, but at least you get some substance behind the provocative outfits.  That's not to say that there aren't some voyeuristic camera angles at work here, but I imagine most anime fans see this as par for the course.  It might turn some people off and I can respect that, but they're sure missing out on some great content otherwise.

Kill la Kill has left a very strong impression on me early on.  Can't wait to see where the series goes from here.  I'm so into it that I'll probably just marathon the rest of the series tonight!


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