Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lupin the Third goes live-action

You're looking at a sneak-peek of actor Shun Oguri portraying none other than Lupin himself in an upcoming live-action adaptation of Lupin the Third.  I'm ashamed to admit that I knew nothing of the Lupin series until Adult Swim started airing it years ago, but I quickly became a huge fan.  I find the cast of characters in the Lupin franchise is a wonderfully fleshed-out and interesting gang.  It's what makes the series so much fun to watch!  It's hard to dislike watching the bad guys when they're so damn personable!

As far as a live-action adaptation goes, I'm really down for anything.  I wouldn't say that the idea is one I'm jumping out of my skin to see, but I'll certainly give it a chance.  I've gotten plenty of enjoyment out of the animated antics of Lupin and the gang, some of which would certainly translate to real-life.  I just hope that this upcoming movie adaptation doesn't lose some of the personality and wackiness that the show offers.

That's my two cents on Lupin the Third's live-action film, but what do you have to say?  Share a tweet at @animeyour way or comment here and let us know!

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