Thursday, November 3, 2011

Angel Beats or Clannad?

No worries, I'm not asking which one is better. I honestly don't know which one I will find more enjoyable. What I do know is that I've seen a lot of people talking about these two series' lately, and it's been perking my interest quite a bit. Now I find the allure of either title hard to ignore!

Of course, the only reason I would ignore either is because I simply don't have the time to watch anime that I own right now! That's not going to stop me from eventually jumping into these shows. I just have to figure out which one I want to go with first!

Now that I've found out both Angel Beats and Clannad are available on Netflix, that's going to make it much easier for me to check them out. They're just waiting for me...staring me in the face everytime I happen to check out my Netflix account. Now I just have to pull the trigger on one!

Which one would you suggest I check out first? I know there's a ton of Clannad fans out there, but I'm interested to see if there's spillover for Angel Beats. I'm counting on your responses, guys!


  1. I've never watched Clannad but thoroughly enjoyed Angel Beats....until the last episode or two. The ending was a little weak but the majority of the series is filled with a lot of laugh out loud moments and some action sequences.

    And knowing how you tear up over video game scenes RMC, there is an episode that is 100% guaranteed to make you cry.

  2. You definitely need to watch both of these but I would watch Angel Beats first,because its shorter then you should watch Clannad

  3. How bout Durarara!! heard that one was good...

    lololol sorry that was mean XD

    Anyway haven't seen Angel Beats yet but saw S1 of Clannad. It started out bland, but got better as it went on and there was more character development.

    But yeah like @Eternal Wanderer said probably want to go with Angel Beats first because it's shorter. Then you can tell me how it is before I watch it :V

  4. ANGEL BEATS! It's a great anime overall.

  5. Did you ever finish Gurren Lagann? That should be first. =P

  6. I loved Clannad (my first visual novel anime) and I also really liked Angel Beats. Personally, I thought the characters in Clannad were stronger, but Angel Beats has cool action and fantasy elements. Angel Beats would be a good start because it is shorter.

    Btw, my friends are really big fans of Angel Beats, and they claim there's gonna be another season. Does anyone have a confirmation?

  7. Clannad, Clannad after story then angel beats

  8. Definitely go with Clannad first. Both seasons of Clannad together are probably my single favorite anime series. It's simply phenomenal. Angel Beats is also very good. But it doesn't end well at all, and never reaches the heights that Clannad does. Don't let the disappointing ending stop you from seeing Angel Beats though, it's still thoroughly enjoyable. Just watch Clannad first, then Angel Beats. You won't regret it.

  9. Angel Beats is so depressing. I finished it a few minutes ago and I pretty much don't feel like moving. But it is so good, you need to watch out. Worth all the tears :)