Thursday, February 23, 2012

The ever-popular bathroom scenes

Fan-service is a huge part of anime. Even the most tasteful shows will throw in a tiny bit of fan-service here and there. It could be a slight upskirt shot, a belly shirt or a low-cut top. That's when things stay on the simple/cute side of fan-service. Then there's the complete opposite side where things get really steamy.

When it comes down to full-on fan service, I can't think of any other scene that is more prevalent than the bathroom scene. You can bet that at some point in one episode, all the girls will get together and take a bath. It happens in all sorts of series, as it appears this is the go-to place for sneaking in fan-service in a somewhat sensible, if not shameless way.

For example, please check out the scenes from High School of the Dead below. Do yourself a favor and mute the video.

That's a prime example of fan-service and bathroom scenes coming together in a big and not-so-subtle way. What other shows take fan-service to the next level with their bathroom scenes? Leave us a comment and let us know!