Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is the U.S. anime industry dying?

A pretty insightful and passionate look at the anime industry in the U.S., and how fans are both helping/hurting the situation.


  1. I'll admit to being someone who's probably been part of the problem with this. Although now that I'm in a better position, I've been trying to make amends by buying just about everything I've ever watched, and more.

  2. One thing he really doesn't talk about with the companies going out of businesses is the um bad economy that we have right now. So you can't fully blame the fans, because they probably would by more if they had more money.

    Also he was saying support the streaming sites. That isn't always the best idea with sub shows. They always do a horrible job with translation/typesetting.

  3. Indeed streaming sites were initially the problem, but with the success of Sailor Moon Crystal with 2 million viewers, this can change pretty quickly:

    is the anime industry dying?