Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is Netflix giving anime more recognition in North America?

Anime has had a following in the states for a long time now. Plenty of people know about the world of anime, but even with those fans out there, the result is a rather niche market. Due to budgets and knowledge of anime's existence, it's quite hard for localization houses in the states to bring attention to the masses.

Of course, the digital age has helped to bring in a much easier way to check out anime. Getting anime on demand or digitally through a computer/tablet puts an entire world of anime at your fingertips. While that's been a great thing for anime recognition, it still doesn't put anime right infront of those that don't know of it.

That's where Netflix comes in. While some may scoff at the anime that Netflix offers, there's no denying that it does supply quite a sizable library. The real big deal here is how it puts that anime content infront of eyes that would normally never see a single thing about anime.

If you're scrolling through the categories of movies and TV shows on Netflix, you will definitely come across the anime category. People unaware of anime may scroll past that category a hundred times over without notice, but that one day something could catch their eye. That's all it takes is once glance to get someone interested.

Just how big is Netflix's impact on spreading the word on anime? Is this a quiet revolution that we haven't been paying enough attention to? While anime fans continue to enjoy content, are new fans being made daily? Is this a rise in anime fan population that we aren't properly addressing?


  1. It introduced me to gurren lagann and helps me with the super pricey anime (X'amd).

  2. Um idk, it's hard to tell. I don't hear many people with Netflix talking about some thing called "anime".