Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anime for the holiday season

It's that time of the year! Many of us are in the holiday spirit, and wherever you turn you'll see a reminder. While I think some people might start celebrating holidays a tad too early, there's no denying that we're right in the thick of things right now. I've been taken over by the holiday spirit!

That means I'm down for anything holiday related. I'll play holiday-themed video games, watch holiday movies both old and new, listen to holiday music and even wear festive clothes! I know I can't overload since all the holiday goodness will be over in just a few more days, but I'm still looking for a certain something to tickle my anime fix.

How can I bring anime and the holiday season together? That's where I turn to you guys! I'm looking to learn about your favorite holiday-related anime features. Are there any series' that have holiday specials? How about anime films or series' that focus in on the Winter holidays?

If you know of any, please leave a comment or send over a tweet! I need my holly, jolly anime fix!


  1. Robotech has a Christmas episode, also here is a list http://boards.fansub.tv/?showtopic=10373&st=0&#entry312605

  2. Well, I know a lot of anime with holiday-themed episodes, but I guess my favorites would be Ah! My Goddess Season 2 Episodes 2 and 3, I guess. Happy Holidays!

  3. The only thing festive I have for the year is this wallpaper for my phone.