Monday, December 5, 2011

Sometimes you just want pure fun

I mentioned High School of the Dead earlier today, and I have a feeling its a series that quite a few people have skipped over. At first glance, it looks like nothing more than an excuse to mix in pretty girls, skimpy clothing, zombies and tons of violence. Well,'d be right with that assessment. The thing is, sometimes that can be just what the doctor ordered!

There's plenty of anime out there that really makes you think. I honestly believe that anime storylines and subplots are some of the most involved and well thought-out tales that the entertainment industry puts together. That goes for traditional TV and film as well. The level of sophistication can be extremely deep, and you really have to pay close attention to get it all.

It's amazing to have that option, and it is indeed one of the big reasons why I love anime so much. With that said, that's not always what I'm looking for out of a series. Sometimes I just want to kick back, relax and not have to think while I'm enjoying entertainment. That's where something like High School of the Dead comes in.

Just as traditional movies have their 'popcorn' fodder, anime does as well. It's nice to mix in content that you can enjoy on a very basic level, and just smile and laugh at the absurdity that's taking place on screen. What do you think is one of the most basic, pure-fun anime series' out there?


  1. Yeah I agree. I usually watch dubs. when I'm eating lunch or dinner, and I watch subs. when I'm not doing anything else. It's easier to watch dubs when I'm trying to concentrate on putting food in my mouth XD

  2. I really enjoyed this series overall. Though it falls into the all too common trap in anime where is doesn't have any kind of conclusion. The final episode basically just ends like a normal episode with more to come...only there isn't any more. Outside of that though, it's a great series in my opinion.

  3. Its supposed to continue where it left off i believe...i think it stopped to let the manga get a little further ahead and to test the waters, i dont really think it was ever meant as a permanent conclusion