Thursday, December 22, 2011

What traditional cartoon would you like to see get an anime adaptation?

There are all different types of animation styles out there. I absolutely love animation in general, no matter what country its coming from or the style it is in. With that said, I do have to admit that anime seems to cater to my interests more than any other animation style, but I'll never shut out other animations because of that.

I've watched many a cartoon in my day, and I continue to watch cartoons to this very day. I really enjoy what cartoons offer, and that goes for the medium itself and not just the pretty colors. I take animation in all different tones, from goofy to serious and everything inbetween.

The animation here in the states is always more relegated to the slapstick humor and more traditional kid-oriented comedy. I don't see anything wrong with that at all. I really do enjoy it, but it's nice to have anime offer something other than the one-note approach that shows here in America seem to have.

With that said, what cartoons that aren't done in an anime style deserve to get a crack with some anime flair? Have you ever seen a cartoon and wished that it was handled in a more anime-style approach?


  1. Something like Adventure time would be cool, with lot's of small adventures or even one big one.

  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender...? Seriously though, maybe Phineas and Ferb?

  3. Even though the franchise has been dragged through the mud, I'd like to see how an anime Inspector Gadget would be.

  4. Teen Titans... Because it's pretty much half way there already.