Thursday, December 15, 2011

The awesome power of anime

I sure hope you've heard the news already, but if you haven't, I simply couldn't pass up discussing it.

Have you seen the Miyazaki film Castle in the Sky? Many, many people have seen it, and the classic anime just re-aired in Japan recently. It seems that the movie is as popular as ever in Japan. Just how popular is it? The airing of Castle in the Sky lead to a brand-new worldwide Twitter record.

Beyonce was the previous record-holder when it came to tweets per second. She had somewhere around 8,000 tweets sent out in a second related to her. What could be bigger than Beyonce? When it comes to Miyazaki fans, it's clear that Japan has a lot more passion for anime than Beyonce tunes!

Believe it or not, 25,088 tweets per second went out during a crucial moment in the Castle in the Sky anime. The magic word "Balse!" was the key that got people tweeting in unison with the movie's airing on TV, and this lead to our new Twitter record. Yes, that's a worldwide record.

Now an anime-related topic holds a Twitter world record. Maybe people will start looking into anime a bit more now!


  1. Gosh, that is in my top 3 Miyazaki movies! Anime is great, I just wish more people were open about it here in the states...

  2. Yeah I heard about that. I thought that was pretty neat that Japan could pull something like that off.