Friday, December 2, 2011

Netflix anime: Now you see it...

I've applauded Netflix about their huge collection of anime in the past. I think it's fantastic to see such big anime support on the service, and we also know that the initiative is doing well for them. Just like Hulu, grabbing a couple million fans to watch a few shows is just as good as having one major hit.

Hopping onto Netflix and checking out an entire series or two of anime via streaming is absolutely fantastic. In just the few clicks of a button, you're ready to start vegging out. I'm sure we've all put away a few dozen episodes of a series easy, eager to get back the next day and check out the rest.

That's where the scary part comes in. A lot of people are complaining recently that Netflix is yanking anime series' with no warning. While new shows continue to get added to the service, some other series' just up and disappear without warning. Can you imagine watching a series you're really into, and then the next day you go to wrap it up, the show is gone?

Netflix could at least give us a warning that these series' are about to be removed from the service. I'm sure there are some instances where even Netflix doesn't know until the day before, but any amount of heads up on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

Have you had an anime series on Netflix disappear infront of your very eyes? Did it ever return, or have you been left hanging all this time?


  1. Birdy the Mighty both seasons are not

  2. Well with the internet it's not that hard to be left hanging :P

  3. Kenichi
    Blue drop
    Birdy the mighty
    All taken away from us with no warning or our primission