Thursday, January 5, 2012

Akira live-action adaptation hits a roadblock yet again

Were you not into the live-action Akira adaptation that we talked about a few weeks back? If you cross your fingers really tightly, the whole plan for the movie might go away. Believe it or not, plans for the film have once again hit a major snag.

The production offices of the film have actually been closed down now at the request of Warner Bros.. All employees were told to go home while some more issues were worked out with the script. What issues have cropped up this time? Turns out it's all related to money.

Warner Bros. feels the movie's budget just isn't in line with what they can pull off, or what the project is worth in general. The budget currently sits at $90 million, which was a steep jump down from the $180 million budget that was originally proposed. Just where does Warner Bros. want the budget to go now?

The project can move ahead if script rewrites and shifts allow for a budget of $60 to $70 million. There will be two weeks' time where this budget can be reworked, but if the goal isn't met by the end of that time, the movie could be shelved indefinitely once again.

Some might say that's not such a bad thing.

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  1. Eh I don't like the look of this... Low budget anime adaption doesn't sound too good.