Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do you have an anime wallpaper collection?

The image you see above is my current wallpaper. I went on a hunt for Redline wallpapers after watching the film last night. I'll have my review of Redline a bit later, but right now I'd like to discuss the wide world of anime wallpapers.

Over the years, I've had tons and tons of anime wallpapers. It's very hard for me to watch an anime and not find something to love, be it story or artwork. That usually leads me to grabbing an anime for it and keeping it up on my computer for a month or two.

Even if I didn't love an anime, I can usually appreciate the artwork for it. I really think it's easier to appreciate anime because there's so many elements to latch onto. Story and visuals can be separated or looked at as the whole picture, which makes up some pretty unique memories.

Unfortunately, over teh years I haven't been holding onto the wallpapers I used to use. They've found themselves left on old computers or deleted in favor of cleaning up my PC. Now I long for a collection of my anime wallpapers from all these years.

Do you archive your anime wallpapers? How often do you switch between them? Do you have an absolute favorite?


  1. I very often head over to desktopnexus.com (since the site can resize any of its wallpapers to your desktop-resolution if you desire) and look for anime wallpapers, sometimes when I've watched an anime I like and sometimes only to expand my anime wallpaper-library. I've set up Windows 7 to automatically look at that particular folder and change my wallpaper every 5 minutes to a random anime wallpaper.
    I've collected a few hundreds of them so there is no lack of variety lol. I still get surprised over how beautiful some of the fan-made wallpapers, in the genre of anime/manga, are.

  2. Um I don't really archive my wallpapers, sometimes I'm too lazy to delete them. And I change them constantly. I have no real favorite. I tend to get bored of one and then I search for another. Though the one on my phone I really like and have kept since last month.