Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 71st birthday, Miyazaki!

Okay, technically Miyazaki's birthday was yesterday, but we can still wish the man a happy 71st, can't we?! I promise, if I knew him in person I would have remembered his birthday on the actual date!

I thought I'd put up this post in order to see you guys and gals share some of your favorite Miyazaki moments. The man is an absolute legend when it comes to anime films, with his works being recognized around the world for their quality and heartfelt nature. His body of work is amazing, and I'm guessing you have quite a few favorite moments.

What's your favorite Miyazaki film? What about your favorite character or moment? Leave a comment or send a tweet!


  1. Happy Birthday Miyazaki! Well, I'd say my favorite movie is Spirited Away, because it's the first movie I saw from him, and what made me get into anime in the first place...My favorite moments are a tie between in Castle in the Sky when Pazu's boss gets in a fight with the pirates, and all the many "flight scenes" of his movies. My favorite main protagonist is NausicaƤ, and my favorite side characters are Calcifer the fire demon, and Jiji, Kiki's cat. And I could keep the list going on and on, but I think I'll just end it here...Happy Birthday again!

  2. Dude's still doing stuff at 71...

    Yeah we won't see the last of Miyamoto for a long time ;D