Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Set aside your money now for Grave of the Fireflies

We posted up the press release awhile back, but I wanted to make sure I talked about this separately from that post. Grave of the Fireflies is going to see a re-release, thanks to Sentai Filmworks. The title will get a DVD/Blu-ray release, as well as a digital and on-demand option. Trust me, this is a film that any anime fan needs to own.

I've given my review of the film already, and hopefully my passion for it came through. I've seen a ton of anime in my life, and in that mix were some series' and films that were life-changing. Without a doubt, Grave of the Fireflies is at the top of that list. It completely altered my way of thinking.

I can't think of any other film, be it live action or animated, that touched me the way Grave of the Fireflies did. I promise you, it's going to make you take a few steps back from your day to day life. It'll make you quite introspective, and I'm sure you'll come away with a renewed appreciation for the life you live.

It's a very tough film to watch, content-wise. You're not going to like everything you see, but it all boils up into a very important message. Even if you think historical and war films aren't for you (like I did), push those feelings aside. This is a story about love, family, and just how precious life is.

Missing out on Grave of the Fireflies with this fantastic second chance would be a travesty.

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  1. Nice. It's rare to have such an old anime (1988 O.o) being released on BD.

    I'll watch it eventually perhaps, but I'll need to have funny anime around it too though I guess ha.