Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Someday's Dreamers

HOUSTON, January 4, 2012— Sentai Filmworks is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the anime classic SOMEDAY'S DREAMERS. Based on the hit manga by Kumichi Yoshizuki and Norie Yamada (originally released in North America by Tokyo Pop,) and with script supervision by co-creator Yamada, the twelve episode series was directed by Masami Shimoda (Boys Be..., 11 Eyes, Polyphonica) with character design adaptations by Michinori Chiba and Nobue Yoshinaga.

When can flunking a spelling test cause major problems? When you're learning how to use magic, of course! And that's exactly the situation fifteen-year-old Yume Kikuchi finds herself in when she travels to Tokyo to begin her apprenticeship as a licensed magic user. Unfortunately, Yume's a country girl in the big city for the first time and there are a lot of new-fangled ideas to get used to. Like her new mentor, Oyamada, turning out to be a man instead of the expected woman! Add to that the fact that Yume's not really very confident about her abilities to achieve her goal of a magic license and she might just jinx herself into failing! It will take a lot of helping hands from her equally challenged fellow students and even more aid from her teachers if she's going to succeed, but in the end, the most important lesson she'll learn may not even be about spellcasting. The process of growing up and discovering what lies inside your own heart is the most wonderful magic of all in SOMEDAY'S DREAMERS – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION!

SOMEDAY'S DREAMERS will soon be available digitally through many outlets, with a home video release this spring on DVD.

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  1. Stay far far away from this one. I own the original singles release from Geneon/Pioneer on DVD, and it is honestly one of the worst anime series I have ever seen. It is incredibly poorly paced, and features completely nonsensical character progression. I'm really shocked that Sentai would bother with this one.

    I'm usually pretty easy to please when it comes to anime. It takes a special kind of terribleness for me to outright tell people to avoid an anime series. And this is one of those series.