Sunday, January 1, 2012

The first anime you'll check out in 2012

Hey gang, happy new year to all of you! We made it into the next year, and I'm sure it's going to be chock-full of new anime greatness! There will be new Japanese shows and localizations that capture our hearts and minds, and I personally cannot wait to dive into that content!

Just because 2011 is over doesn't mean that we're all through with the shows that landed here last year. There are plenty of series that I need to get into. They've been sitting on my shelves or have been bookmarked for viewing later, and 2012 is my chance to catch up on those.

I want to make sure I set the tone for 2012 in a way that really starts things off with a bang. I have a few choices on which anime to start viewing first, but I haven't made my final decision yet. Something tells me that I should go with Clannad, since I hear so many great things about it!

What's the first anime you're going to watch in 2012? Maybe you've already started some anime viewing! Let us know what you're going to pick...or what you've already seen!


  1. Well, I thought I might check out Aria: The Animation and Inazuma Eleven soon since I've heard great things about both!

  2. Naruto: Shippuuden. I've been delaying watching it for awhile now. I follow the iTunes releases because no one else has it lol. It's really sad tbh. The show is in 720p in Japan, but when it hits iTunes in America it is in some really scaled down resolution.

    But anyway enough with that rant lol. Yeah I'm watching other things, but I want to get through this one arc in Shippuuden so yeah.

  3. That's a good question! I'm not real sure what my first choice is going to be, but I'm tossing around a re-watch of the entire Slayers series, since I just picked up the last two seasons.

    Hopefully I'll find something a little shorter before that happens....

  4. Probably Chaos Head. I just finished Rosario + Vampire a few days ago.

  5. I'll be carrying on with Guilty crown and starting Darker Than Black - Gemini of The Meteor this year.