Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes it takes a second...third...fourth...fifth viewing

I am not someone to admit defeat right away. I don't hit a wall and automatically give up on the task at hand. Without any pushback, life would be pretty boring! Working hard and persevering can be a wonderful thing for your mindset. Just keep at it and you'll get through your struggles!

I like to take this same approach with some anime. I personally don't need a lot to be impressed or entertain when it comes to TV/anime/video games. It's hard for me to not get some enjoyment out of a series or movie, so I really don't have to apply this rule to myself.

I do like to push that idea on others when it comes to certain anime. There are features out there that I know people will love, but they automatically shoot it down in the early stages. Making up your mind about a series after one episode just doesn't make any sense to me. You have to give time to let things grow, and you never know where the series will take you.

I just voiced this opinion with my sister and FLCL. She gave it a shot and just couldn't take its approach. I know that FLCL isn't for everyone, but with that said, I know that my sister will love it. She just has to get through the first episode and into the story itself. She's going to give it another shot based on our discussion, and I really hope this time she sticks with it.

What anime have you watched that just didn't click until multiple viewings had passed?


  1. The very first Ghost in the Shell movie from 1995.
    It was my entry to the GITS franchise and I had not a single clue of what was going on or even what the status quo of the world was.
    It took me some research and the first season of Stand Alone Complex to make me re-watch and fully appreciate the first movie.
    Today, the GITS movies & anime series are my favorite due to that very complexity and detail that it contains :)

  2. I'm really glad I came across your blog.It's very interesting :) I tried watching Texhnolyze but I gave up after the 3rd episode cause I couldnt understand or follow the story. Since then I have made 3 attempts to try and watch it till the end but alas no succcess.

  3. Pretty much every anime except a few I've watched. Most take awhile to get acclimated to so you should always give it a couple of episodes to get going.