Monday, January 9, 2012

Fragile Dreams - The ultimate anime game

It just dawned on me over the weekend. I've been running an anime blog for half a year now, and somehow I haven't managed to talk about Fragile Dreams. I completely screwed up on this one. Fragile Dreams is the perfect blend of both video games and anime, and it certainly deserves to have some features on the site.

Before I actually write out those features, I want to ask a few questions. Are you interested in anime-style video games? Do you own a Wii? Would you like to learn more about this Wii title and how it plays out perfectly for an anime fan? I don't want to put together features on the title if you're not interested in checking it out or learning more.

I promise, even if you don't like video games, you're going to love Fragile Dreams. It plays out more like an anime than any other title I've seen, and it tugs at the heartstrings so hard that you might have to get a few replaced. It's a game that may very well change your line of thinking on a number of topics. It can also really make you appreciate life in new ways.


  1. I love Fragile Dreams. And *SPOILERS* that little yaoi moment with Crow caught me off-guard xD

  2. I need to return to this game. I bought it the day it launched, but after only putting a couple hours into it, I got distracted by other games, and never returned to it. I still have it, so I should really put aside some time and start over with it. I just need to pry myself away from Skyrim. >_<

  3. I absolutely fell in love with the trailer music for this game. Aoi Teshima - Hikari. For anyone who haven't heard it, I recommend them to do so (I'm sure it's on youtube).

    I've yet to play to the game though so I guess I deserve a slap across the head for that -.-
    I'm hoping that it's heavily story- and exploration-driven as I can't really say no to a good story :)

  4. Has it really been six months already? I need to drop by more often.

    Anyways, Fragile Dreams was great. I thought the anime-esque story was pretty decent, but I enjoyed the title more for its exploration. It's a linear game, but combing the walls alone was just exciting. There's so much interesting stuff written/drawn on all the walls.

  5. Love love the music of Fragile Dreams.

  6. Huh I haven't played it before, but would like to hear more. Always need new Wii games since there's the whole drought and all until Wii U.