Monday, June 20, 2011

Adult Swim to start airing Durarara!! this coming Saturday. Shall we watch together?

It's almost like the gang at Adult Swim knew that I was going to start up an anime blog!  Starting next Saturday at 12:30 PM EDT, Adult Swim is going to start airing Durarara!!.  I've been reading a lot about this anime lately, but I couldn't quite decide if I wanted to purchase.  Thankfully, I kept on hunting down info, which lead me to the fact that Adult Swim would soon be adding it to their Saturday lineup.

Fast-forward to tonight, where I just saw a commercial promoting the premiere for this coming Saturday.  I was thinking it would be pretty fun to watch the first episode along with you guys, via this site.  I could make a post that we could comment on as the show was airing, or we could chat via Twitter...or both!  

I am not too sure if there's a time zone issue or not.  Whenever I'm out in California, Adult Swim seems to be airing their shows in-line with the timing for the East Coast.  In other words, if Adult Swim airs King of the Hill at 4:00 AM EDT, it'll be showing at 1:00 AM PDT.  I guess we'll find out come this Saturday, won't we?!

After viewing the quick promo above, how do you feel about checking out the first episode of Durarara!!?  Leave a comment and let me know, because we might have a little viewing party!  Either way, I'll be sure to catch the first episode and comment on it here.


  1. Perhaps an IRC channel? HintHintNudgeNudge.
    Wouldn't mind helping out with that.
    Throw me an email if you're interested RMC. :)

  2. DRRR was slow to start, but really picked up a couple of episodes in, much like its creator's previous work, "Baccano!"

  3. Yeah I'll be watching. I heard it was really good from one of the other sites I visit.

    I just hope the voice actors are good.

  4. Interesting, I've only watched like the first 2 episodes..