Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gorgeous anime DVD/Blu-ray cover art

I don't think people pay enough attention to the packaging for DVDs/Blu-Ray/games in general.  This art can be the entire reason a person stops while walking down an aisle.  The right type of eye-catching boxart can really make people take notice.  That's why I'd like to pay tribute to a few boxart covers that I think really stand out from the crowd.

Sure, these Birdy the Mighty covers might have a healthy bit of fan-service, but that doesn't make them any less gorgeous.  The clean lines, retro lettering and Birth's color scheme by itself makes for a truly beautiful visual package.  The color of Birdy's hair alongside the white background and blue outfit really is soothing.

Yet another boxart with a simple background and calm colors.  It's a really pleasing visual package.  The anime itself is pretty sophisticated with its visuals, and this boxart seems to capture that.  I know that when I saw it, I really couldn't wait to dive into the series.

The sequel movie for Eden of the East takes a much different approach to boxart, but it's still a very pretty image.  This time the entire cover is filled out with the image, but it works well with the city skyline.  Again, a handful of muted and soft colors give the cover a very welcoming feeling.

My apologies for the flash issue, but I think the cover art itself still comes across fine.  Just ignore that giant bright spot on Holo's head!  First off, Spice and Wolf even has a beautiful font to go along with its rich, warm cover imagery.  Holo's blue shirt really makes her stand out, but the surrounding set pieces mesh nicely with Holo's hair, outfit and even design.

What are some of your favorite anime covers?  Sometimes all these features have are their covers when a potential new anime fan wanders into the anime section at Best Buy.  What covers would make you pick up a series and at least push to learn more about it?


  1. What, all copies of Spice and Wolf don't have that big glowing spot on it?

    Unfortunately, I only have a couple of anime sets. I have school rumble, which basically throws a bunch of characters onto the box art and calls it a day, and then Fist of the North Star.

    Fist of the North Star, unfortunately, is bootleg I found out. Didn't notice the hongkong until it was too late. But it has a nice box. Basically has clips from the manga all around the box.

    If you've ever seen a Welcome to the NHK box, I will never buy that in a store lol. So much fan service on the boxes, it is ridiculous. Online only.

  2. The Tatami Galaxy's poster feature was enough to sell me on the show, and it was a great decision.