Thursday, June 23, 2011

TIME picks their top 25 best animated features of all-time, anime featured

Isn't it funny how this stuff works out?  I start an anime blog a few days ago, and now TIME magazine has put together a list of the 25 best animated films of all-time.  I went clicking through to see what was included, and was very happy to see that anime was indeed represented.



Spirited Away

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen Paprika, but I promise to fix that this weekend!  I happen to own both Akira and Spirited Away.  I hate putting out proclamations like this, but I think any self-respecting anime fan should at least see both of those films.  I'm sure plenty of you will think I'm crazy for not having seen Paprika yet!  Anyway, if Spirited Away and Akira are any indication of Paprika's quality, I have nothing to worry about.

With the list being just 25 entries long, it's hard to find out what the cream of the crop is.  With that said, there are two surprises I faced while reading the list.  First off, I thought that Miyazaki would be better represented, but I guess one entry on the list gets the job done.  My other surprise was not seeing Ghost in the Shell on here.  I truly believe GitS to be one of the best anime films out there, and I know that many critics feel the same way.  Perhaps GitS was sitting on the bubble at spot #26.

What do you guys think of this list?  Check out the full 25 at the link below.  Do you think there were some anime films that should have made the cut but didn't?  Perhaps a little Summer Wars love?


  1. While I suppose that Spirited Away got better received in America, it should be replaced with Princess Mononoke. Or better yet, put Princess Mononoke right in front of Spirited Away and push Lady and the Tramp off the list.

  2. Well of those 3 I'd say Paprika is the best, but I hated Akira.. I'm also surprised GitS wasn't on the list, as well as another anime film, Metropolis

  3. Paprika is easily one of my favorite anime films ever.

    Akira, not so much.

    Loved Spirited Away. I also loved Metropolis.

    I didn't see Princess Mononoke, but I can't imagine enjoying it. I've seen Totoro, Kiki, and Ponyo from Ghibli though, and those were all great.

  4. Meh there are just way too many movies out there to be listed in 25 spots. Especially when the selection has to be "diverse". Not exactly the "best".

  5. Totally 100% agree with Spirited Away, I loved that film like few others.

  6. Spirited Away and AKIRA are good choices, but I really thought Princess Mononoke would be in the list.

  7. F*** me! Wall-E at number 2?! I was planning to say it was a so-so list, but now I'm going to have to dismiss it altogether!

    My only other comments are: none of my favourite anims as a child were included: The Secret of Nimh, The Last Unicorn and The Black Cauldron.

    And Millennium Actress is better than Paprika.

    [also, Akira is overrated, but should probably be on the list anyway, so, meh]