Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where do you buy your anime from?

We've talked about all sorts of anime and how expensive it can be to pick up what you want, but we've yet to talk about where you actually purchase it from!  Anime isn't exactly the easiest thing to find at your local movie retailer, especially when you're looking for the more obscure stuff.  If you plan on building up a sizable library, you're going to have to hunt!

For me, the number one place to purchase anime from is Amazon.  They always seem to have what I'm looking for, even when it's something off the beaten path.  The only thing that makes me nervous is when I buy through Amazon from another seller.  I just don't like having to use someone else rather than Amazon themselves.  I tend to stick with just Amazon directly for my anime fix.

Back in the day, I used to go to Suncoast Video to pick up anime.  They actually had a sizable collection to choose from, and they also had all kinds of other anime merchandise.  You could grab soundtracks, figurines, posters, shirts and a lot more.  Now I don't even know if that retail chain exists anymore!  The one by my house closed, and with it went a piece of my heart!

Nowadays, if I'm looking to pick up anime from a brick-and-mortar store, I'll usually do so at Best Buy.  I'm quite sad, because today's anime selection at Best Buy is about half the size of what it used to be.  I remember the days when an entire aisle was anime, but now Best Buy seems to have cut their selection in half.  They still get new features and offer decent prices though, so it could be worse.

Where do you pick up your anime from?  Know any secret stores that always have what you want at fantastic prices?  Share your secrets with the rest of us!


  1. It's the same story over here in the UK. Other than chain stores going bust, the ones that are left like HMV have cut their anime sections down to barely nothing. If it wasn't for online stores such as and information from online i wouldn't know what would be coming out. Le sigh

  2.! Seriously. This is I believe to be the single greatest anime shopping site on the entirety of the internet. You have to give it a chance. They have ridiculous deals sometimes and are always offering some kind of deal.

    It switches every week or so. Sometime is will be XX% of all dvds and blu-ray from FUNimation, and the next week it will be all anime from ADV, ect, ect. I have been using them for YEARS. Oh, and ANOTHER great thing is they will send you the product you ordered as soon as they get it. I have gotten brand new anime releases two weeks in advance from it's actual release date when I preorder. It's fantastic! Just me! Truely, honestly. is a fantastic anime distribution site.