Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What was the last anime to make you cry?

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a rather emotional guy.  It's not too tough to make the tears well up in my eyes, especially when it comes to movies/TV/games/anime.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!  If I had to pick one medium that made me tear up more than any other, I think I'd have to give a tip of the hat to anime.  As a matter of fact, it happens more than I'd like it to!

I don't know what it is about anime, but there's something about the story progression and character designs combined that really puts me on the verge of tears.  Of course, this is only when I'm watching a particularly sad or emotional anime.  That's the thing, though.  There's a ton of anime out there that tugs at your heartstrings!  Any anime that can get you to tear up is pretty special, because it means you've made some sort of connection to the feature.

I was looking to find out what the last anime was that made you cry.  It can either be all-out bawling or just a few little tears in the corner of your eyes.  Don't be shy about the tears you've shed!  It's not a bad thing to be emotional, you know.  It shows that you care about topics and don't like to see people upset or in bad situations!

As for the most recent feature to make me tear up, that was last night!  What was it, you ask?  Well, I'm going to save that for a feature later today!  I promise I'll tell you in full detail about the anime I watched that had me leaking by the end.  I'm definitely not afraid to talk about it, because the anime was so fantastic!  I just need to put aside a little more time to get my thoughts together.


  1. I've teared up to two things...

    Teared up in horror and sadness to the final episode of School Days. If you've watched, you will definitely know what I'm talking about.
    (Kanashimi no.....)

    Also in a more "aww" tear-up is the finale to Onegai Teacher. I'm not one to dish out spoilers but I will say it was borderline obvious and impossible.

    Also, Vegeta crying in DBZ when Frieza dealt a fatal blow was rather sad. He really had his pride broken... T.T

  2. Possible Vampire Hunter D. I was really young and I liked vampires.

  3. Clannad, series 1 & 2. Pure evil the writing for those, especially series 2, lifting a character as high as possible before pulling the world from underneath them.

    Tearing up in any slice of life/romance combo is my usual.

    These upset me, but I keep coming back to the genre

  4. I don't cry. I pretend to check my email on my iPhone to disconnect myself from the show.

    I still can't watch FMA Night of the Chimera's Cry ever again. I can only pull the ol' "checkin' my email" bit so many times.

  5. I don't really cry from visual mediums, but I do experience emotions derived from them. Of which, Legend of Galactic Heroes had moments where it was wrenching to watch as they unfolded. It had a particular kind of storytelling very rooted in its novel origins, and it was very sober, but piercing at the same time. Though I think I know better than recommending Rawmeat a 110 episode OVA Space Opera epic since he doesn't have much time these days.

  6. I've cried over a lot of animes, too many to count. But the very last one I remember crying over was Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

    It was towards the end of it dealing with one of the characters feelings about their life and meaning, showing what could have been even, and it just really got to me.

  7. Since crying is "taboo" among men, I've become so used to not crying when seeing sad things.

    So I haven't cried over anything, but I do get sad when people die.