Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessions from a an ex-anime hater: From dislike to love with just one series

I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends and family that are accepting of anime, but it wasn't always that way.  What better people to talk to about disliking anime then some of my own family?  They're all converts now, but I thought I'd start things off with my own Mom.  She can be pretty opinionated from time to time, and even she went from disliking anime to being a big fan.

What did you think of anime prior to being exposed to it?

Answer: I didn't really know anything about anime.  I saw weird commercials for it Adult Swim at night, but I didn't know anything about it.

What as your opinion of what you saw?

Answer:  It was strange looking.  The expressions all seemed over-the-top.  They were all screaming and yelling all the time.  No one just talked, it was all...  There were all these weird little animals and stuff!

So after seeing this, did you decide that anime wasn't for you?

Answer: Pretty much...I thought it was just weird.

What was the first anime you watched?

Answer: You showed me Ghost in the Shell, and little bits of Haibane Renmei.  (She called it "the kids with the wings")

What did you think of Ghost in the Shell?

Answer:  That was very violent...very fast-moving.  Everything was very futuristic.  A lot of sound effects for kicking, punching and chopping.  It was wasn't one of my favorites.  Too violent.

And Haibane Renmei?

Answer: That was just strange.  I couldn't figure out why these kids had wings and they weren't angels.  It was just didn't make any sense to me.

And then after that you watched Death Note, right?

Answer: Yes

What did you think of Death Note?

Answer: I love Death Note (said with a huge smile).  I like the way it's drawn.  The emotions aren't over the top.  Occasionally...but not usually anyway.  It has a great story and it really makes you think.  It really makes you care about the characters.  Like...I really like L and I even like the Shinigami.  It's like a good mystery and I'm going to read the manga!

Do you think you accept Death Note because it's closer to American-style live action shows?

Answer: Yeah...and I'm a big fan of cop shows and mysteries.  That fits into both.

So did Death Note change your perception of anime?

Answer: Yes.  If I can find other stuff like that, I'll definitely watch it.

What's your opinion of anime now.

Answer:  I  know there's some good stuff out there now, but I'm still going to be picky.

What would you say to someone that tells you they don't like anime, but haven't watched any?

Answer:  They should try it.  It's like anything...until you try different shows you won't know.  It's just like TV.  You don't like all TV shows until you find the one you like.

Do you think you had an incorrect preconceived notion about anime?

Answer: From the little bit I knew of it, yeah.  I thought it was crappy and cheap and juvenile.  Now I love Death Note and if there's more like that I'll watch them!

I have to said Ghost in the Shell was too violent.  Isn't Death Note violent?!

Answer:  Not really...people die but you don't really see it.  They go off to die!  There's no punching and hitting...very little.  It's only when (spoilers).  It's more of a thinking anime with implied violence.  Not in your face.

If that interview doesn't show that there's hope, I don't know what does!


  1. I love reading things like this :).

    Also, my no.1 recommendation for your mom to watch next would be Monster.

  2. Code Geass is just like Death Note. But I don't think your mom would like it since it's so over the top lol

  3. Don't let your mom watch Higurashi or Umineko.