Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Your anime pet peeves

I think we can all admit that anime comes with a lot of quirks.  There's obviously a bunch of cultural differences that some people might not understand, but most anime fans roll with the punches.  We come to learn what's going on and what these specific references mean.  Now those cultural differences aren't the only things we have to get used to with anime.  There seem to be a few techniques that almost all animation houses use, and some of them get on my nerves.

Now let me get this straight.  I don't mind the bloody noses, victory signs and veiny foreheads.  I'm come to understand and appreciate all that stuff.  It's part of what makes anime what it is.  I know that there are plenty of people that can't stand that sort of thing, and it prevents a major barrier for some possible fans.  I take other issues with anime standards that I believe are only used to save time and money.

My biggest pet peeve has to be when an anime has the camera behind a character's back while they're talking.  There's absolutely nothing moving in the scene.  A completely static shot that requires no animation at all.  Now this is fine every once in awhile, but there are more than a few anime that hover on these scenes far too long.  It's used only to save money and time along the way.  Sometimes we're lucky and we get one frame of animation!

The same can happen when a person is shown from the front and they're simply listening to another person talk.  We pass between still shot and still shot of all those listening, and we get nothing to take in visually.  Again, this is fine as long as it's not used too often.  These kind of shots and slow pans don't cut it when you're dealing with a 5 minute character exposition.

What pet peeves do you find in anime that aren't really present in other cartoons, TV shows or film?


  1. When they have to drag arcs and episodes on with nothing happening in order to not catch up with the manga stories. Worst examples I've seen of this are with DragonBall Z and One Piece. I know having an episode every week will get you a lot of cash but I wish these long running shows would take longer breaks to up the quality.

  2. When an adaptation destroys the source material.

  3. @Paul Scott

    Yeah I don't like fillers either :P

    And my pet peeves would have to be the stupid kanji puns that are like the best thing ever since sliced bread >_>

    And I don't like hearing those annoying Japanese voice actors like Happy in Fairy Tail.

    Lastly I guess it's just the culture, but when they fight, they are always like, "I WILL NOT HOLD BACK" (um ok good for you :/). Then there's the, "You killed my friend and I can never forgive you" (well herp derp why would you, he killed your friend >.<)