Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anime Your Way - Future posts, quick tidbits and more

Anime Your Way is only a few days old, but I'm already really happy with the response we've gotten thus far.  It absolutely fantastic to have a place to talk anime and put together features on the topic.  I can't tell you how energized your support has made me.  Thank you so much for the early attention.

So...where do we go from here?  The blog may only be a few days old, but I'm already working on some new content to bring your way.  Here's my plans thus far...

- Recording some interviews tomorrow for opinions on anime

- Talking to someone about putting together a written feature on the site, coming from a girl's perspective

- Looking into chat options for our Durarara!! live viewing this Saturday

- Discussion post coming soon to discuss a 'Let's Watch' feature where we discuss a complete series to watch and comment on

- Considering an 'The Art Of' feature to look at some of the gorgeous scenes from various anime

- Going to try and get some interviews with localization houses and licensees in the states

I hope that all sounds rather interesting to you!  These plans are obviously going to take shape at all different times.  Some will be implemented before the week is out and others will take a bit more time to get going.  Rest assured, I won't lose steam on any of these projects or the blog in general!

Do you have an idea for the blog that you'd like to share?  Just leave a comment here or tweet me your idea!


  1. Hey RMC I'll help in anyway I can! I'll help spread the word around!

  2. Have you ever seen Trinity Blood RMC? It's a great series :D

  3. If the posts ever start to die out, you can always post anime reviews.