Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you find out about anime?

Much like the world of video games, there's a ton of anime content out there.  There's so much that it can be overwhelming at times.  Things get even worse when there's new anime seasons happening all the time.  I guess it's not smart to complain about having so many choices, but it can make finding something you might interested in that much tougher.

I don't know about you,, but I have trouble tracking down exactly what is new, what mediums it's available on and where I can get it.  There seems to be a ton of information floating around, but most roads lead back to the details that I already knew.  I know that there are tons of places online to find news on what's up and coming as well as content airing now, but that still doesn't cut back on just how much content there is.

With so many features available to view, what methods do you use to check out anime that you might be interested in?  I'm guessing that most of you use the internet to research titles that are in the works or have been released in the stats, and I'm sure you have a specific focus as well.  The longer you've been an anime fan, the easier it is to keep track of what comes out when and how long its been around.

Personally, I really like using magazines to stay on-top of what's going to be released in the states.  I don't think there's too much focus on localized anime since a lot of anime fans prefer to watch subs and simultaneous digital releases that come alongside airings in Japan.  I guess my tastes are pretty specific, but there are a couple good magazines that detail what I'm looking for.

You have plenty of anime features that you like, but what do you do to learn about sequels and similar content?


  1. Random Curiosity (randomc.net) has been my source of anime information for years. It's really helped me to check out titles that I might otherwise have missed and also puts up previews for each season of anime, and I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in anime.

    Other than that, I usually just rely on word-of-mouth to learn about good anime titles, such as at college or on forums and whatnot.

  2. www.animenewsnetwork.com and 4chan.

  3. There's a site I go to (don't want to look like I'm advertising so I won't put it up). They have first looks, reviews, etc... So I usually know what is good with them. They at least try to watch everything that is new each season and weed out the bad early on.

  4. Through Toonami back in the beginning of middle school or something with one of the Zoids shows.

    I just now picked up anime again about a month or two ago, but I haven't watched much.

  5. DeviantART. You have to really like an anime to draw fan art for it, so if I see a lot of people drawing fan art for a particular anime, then I know a lot of people really like it and I'll strongly consider checking it out.