Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Watch the anime, read the manga!

My cousin is in a very specific situation.  She has never, ever seen an anime before a few weeks ago.  I doubt she even knows what types of anime are out there, but I brought some of it into her life with Death Note.  I've seen tons of non-anime fans get completely sucked into Death Note before, so I figured it was the best anime to show a newcomer.  There's way more to the story than that, but I'll get to that another day!

Long story short, my cousin ended up really liking the anime.  We're only about halfway through, but she definitely enjoyed it enough to ask about the manga version.  My cousin happens to be a huge reader, so giving her the manga was the perfect solution.  See, we all watch the anime together as a group, so everyone is on the same episode.  It's a little hard to get everyone together every weekend, which makes it extra tough when you're dying to see what happens next.  In steps the manga as the perfect solution!

Now my cousin is blowing through the manga at record speed.  She has the lucky benefit of seeing the anime and manga in relation to each other, seeing just how faithful the anime adaptation is.  It's a really unique perspective that not a lot of people get to enjoy.  I read the manga, but not until after I'd seen the anime all the way through.  I really wish I was in the same position as her!

How do you feel about anime adaptations of manga?  Have you ever watched anime and felt compelled to read the manga it came from?  I know some people aren't into reading, but when you love an anime so much, you look for any method to get your fill!


  1. I'm working through Fairy Tale right now and enjoying it :D. Was thinking i might go out and pick up the Excel Saga manga even though it's got a ridiculous volume amount. I also have got the Fullmetal Alchemist novels that were released when the original series was out - they are also pretty good.

  2. I think that when you can its always a good idea too read the source material for an anime and this applies to more than just manga, anime can also be based off of light novels or visual novels. But getting back to the point anime usually have a set number of episodes to tell a story and sometimes some things will unfortunately be cut due to time constraints. For example Higurashi a visual novel I read had allot of it story cut out when it was animated. However even with these cuts I still enjoy a series I like being animated, so as its a faithful adaptation.

  3. well im reading bleach manga and im watching the anime. there are somethings that are left out from the manga, but i think the manga is better in my opinion

  4. Fullmetal Alchemist.

    I watched the entirety of the original series, then started reading the manga, but I only got about halfway through it because, at the time, VIZ stopped releasing them, and I lost where I was and the site I read scanlations from actually went down, so I never got to finish it.

    Fastforward to now, I am watching Brotherhood, which is based more on the anime.

    FMA is one of the few series that does justice in every form. The first anime, while a departure, was still very much like the series in how it felt. And the film was amazing. The Japanese voice actors were all phenomenal and the English script was spot on and the localized cast was amazing. And now Brotherhood is doing an amazing job of translating the originally intended story to life.

  5. Meh. Not into reading so I've never wanted to read any manga.

  6. I read the Death Note manga way before I ever saw the anime. I have watched some of the anime and they did a really good job with it. The movies not so much, they change the story.

    Gantz on the other hand the anime is almost completely different than the manga. The anime only shows a few case from the manga and they make some lame ending that didn't happen in the manga. If anyone likes the anime read the manga, it is ten times better