Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why care about who does/doesn't like anime?

Since starting this blog and putting my mission statement out there, I've received a lot of one comment in particular.  A handful of people are trying to understand why I care what other people think about anime.  I happen to love anime, and those people say that it shouldn't matter what other people think.  Just do what makes you happy, and don't let the haters bother you.  While I agree with that assessment, it's not exactly why I'm out to spread the good word of anime.

I do indeed love anime, and there's no one out there that can convince me to stop watching it.  Anime brings me a lot of joy, as do video games.  I have a deep-running passion for gaming and anime, as I think they provide a lot of amazing content that you just don't get anywhere else.  If someone hates anime, I find that quite unfortunate.  Their hatred won't put me off from anime, though.  So why bother reaching out?

Here's where I'll do my best to explain my thought process.  I don't know about you guys, but nothing brings me greater joy than seeing someone really enjoy themselves.  I know that I love being happy and having fun, but to know that someone else is right there with me makes the experience that much better.  To know that I've help put a smile on my face really makes my day.  Honest to God, the happiness of my family and friends is much more important to me than my own.  As weird or out-of-whack as that may seem, that's the truth.  Knowing my friends are happy is the greatest joy I can ask for.

That's where my anime passion comes in.  Much like my gaming hobby, I share my anime hobby with friends. It's decidedly harder to get people into anime than gaming, but it can definitely be done.  I've come across a handful of family and friends that found some true joy from anime that I've showed them, and it opened up a whole new world to them.  That's right where they start their own journey with anime, and they learn all about the great content out there.  To know that those friends are having tons of wonderful experiences based on our introduction to anime...that's just amazing.

Through this blog, I hope to meet a lot of anime fans/friends.  If you know me from GoNintendo, you know that I work very hard to keep a personal touch on the site.  The same is going to take top priority on this blog.  I want to reach out to anime lovers and share our passion.  I want to reach out to those that haven't experienced anime to possibly show them content that they'll fall in love with.  I want to reach out to the haters and try to find a way to open their eyes to the experiences we enjoy.  I would never want to force anyone into doing anything they don't want to, but I'm a firm believer that there's an anime for everyone.  Even if a hater only finds one anime they like through this blog, that's more than enough for me.

Long story short, making people happy is pretty great.  I know it's sappy and 'lame' sounding, but that's who I am.  Just being on this blog and chatting with you guys about anime makes me happy, and I've already had reason enough to thank you for your support.  It's just the start of something (hopefully) great, my friends!


  1. Here's the deal. You are one awesome guy, Kevin. And I wish we could just hang out for real. I'm honestly not much into anime (I did enjoy Death Note after a friend's recommendation) but it's your personality that comes through your blogs that keep me coming back. Like, I almost obsessively check GN, granted I love Nintendo but I always look for your little comment on what you post. In the same spirit, even on a topic I am decidedly less interested in than Nintendo, you, and for lack of any better way to put it, the RMC-ness of it keep me interested and checking back. My hat's off to you, friend.

    May we one day render a resounding five high in real life.

  2. Well you would make a great dad ;D

  3. I stopped caring what people think about anime because it's just embarrassing to even try defending it anymore.

    I just watch what I like, I don't talk about it and I'm good.

    It's cool to break through to someone, but I just stopped bothering. I really don't blame them, after a certain point, 90% anime is the same. There are a lot of copypasta out there nowadays. Just like how I used to love asian horror films, but after the 50th long-haired girl walking hunched with her hair down, I had to stop. It became predictable.

    Not to mention, depending on the type of anime fan you encounter, they can be too eccentric, or honestly, insane. There's fans, and then there are crazy people. I don't even want to talk about it.