Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your favorite anime intro

It's funny just how much an anime intro can get you pumped for a show.  A couple minute intro can be a really powerful thing, and it definitely sets the mood for what you're about to get into.  I've noticed that anime takes their intro and outros really seriously, which is why there are so many good ones out there!

I'm not afraid to admit that the intro to Chobits is a guilty pleasure.  The visuals themselves are nice, but I think it might be that song that puts a smile on my face.  It's just so bouncy, light-hearted and fun.  The song has a real 70s game show vibe to it, and old game shows are another one of my guilty pleasures!  You can bet that this intro song has a spot on my iPod, and the video itself always picks  me up if I'm feeling down.

Let's see what some of your favorite anime intros are.  I'm sure you have some fantastic choices!


  1. The best anime intro's are from the Sayonara Zetsubou Snesei Series!

    Prepare for Maximum weirdness! This Opening is from The Season 3 OVA RMC I encourage you to watch this Show from season 1 and Watch every opening, they change as the season goes on!

  2. Every now and again I got to look up the original Gundam Wing intro.

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  4. I'm a little surprised RMC. Anime is next to video games in terms of JRPGs and such but still...

    Anywho, my favorite opening is Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni OP. Really sets the mood for a great anime. Especially Tsumihoroboshi-hen.

    By the by, why is the background so very...pale salmon pink? And the header so large but not wide enough? My instincts as a once web designer call out in pain!

  5. I like these:

    Samurai Champloo
    Bleach (#4)
    Highschool of the Dead
    Death Note

  6. I really enjoy most of the openings to any show I watch, but Ebullient Future from Ef always strikes me as awesome, especially after I watched the show and made sense of what was going on during the whole opening.

  7. Zetsubo is definitely one, and Ouran Host Club, Lain, etc.

    But I think one of, if not my favorite is definitely the first opening for FMA Brotherhood:

  8. Here is a few of mine

    Naruto opening 4
    Bleach ending
    Cowboy Bebop opening

  9. A few favorites:

    - Bleach (Openings 5 & 6)
    - School Days
    - Kekkaishi (which is weird because I barely watch it - and I mean barely.)
    - Dragon Ball Z Kai (Vic Mignogna singing that theme was pretty cool, I have to admit.)

  10. I have a few favorite openings, but I think that stands out for me is Natsu no Arashi's Opening.

    The opening animation and lyrics has slight changes with each episode. But probably my favorite aspect is the fact that they feature short little art pieces that tell a story about a Mangaka. In this particular one, he spends too much money on food and doesn't have enough money left for the train. At least that's what I pulled from it.

    Later, they go on to talk about an Alien from outer space that he recruits to start drawing Manga with him.

  11. My favorite opening songs are from Durarara, Oh Edo Rocket, and Baccano. My favorite opening sequence would probably be Chobits and the first series of Haruhi.