Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only perverts like anime!

You know you've had that feeling before.  You get start to feel a bead of sweat run down the back of your can't do anything but smile/frown at the same time.  This is the very instant you tell someone that you enjoy anime, and you can clearly see that they think less of you the moment you finish your sentence.  Anime is only for perverts!

Girls wearing next to nothing, upskirt shots galore and tons of tentacles going into places that tentacles should never go.  This is what automatically appears in a few minds when you discuss anime.  Just like people that think animation is for kids, there are those that believe anime is nothing but the animated porn for those with perverse tastes.

Thankfully, I'm talking to a crowd that knows this simply isn't true.  There are all sorts of anime features out there, and many of them don't even touch on sexuality in the least.  With that said, there are indeed features that get a little risque with their content.  Most of the time we see features with a healthy amount of fan service.  A gratuitous panties shot here, a low-cut shirt there.  What people don't realize is that this can be a very small part of a much bigger feature.

Yes, there are anime releases out there that do nothing but cater to panchira fans, but that's a subset of anime itself.  Lumping that kind of content into all anime just makes no sense.  Anime may be a bit more progressive (or juvenile depending on your view) when it comes to sexuality, and it's just not something that worldwide audiences are used to.  Some of it is classy, some of it is for the fans and some is way over the top.

You like what you like and that's all there is to it.  To say that the average anime fan is a pervert or sexual deviant is pure garbage.  It's time to stick up for ourselves and anime as well!  Anime has been around far too long to still have this negative connotation attached to its fans.


  1. I remember watching Ikki Tousen for the first time.

    I don't think my jaw's ever fallen to the floor like it did back then.

  2. I'm sorry, RMC, but I jerked off to anime. Yeah, I was like 10 years-old. Then I did it again when I was 11, Then again at 12.

    There's even sub-genera of anime porn.

    Actually, that was the reason why I started to watch anime: the sexy ladies. Hey, I was a young kid.

    By the way, do you know they have anime porn hotels in Japan? ... Yeah...

  3. Ah, only westerners. One should know that sexually isn't suppressed in Japan as it is in the States. They are a little more open about it. Whereas the people around here treat it like something evil or dirty even though most people do it yet things like violence are accepted (extreme violence) without a second thought.

    Different cultures produce different reactions. When I was teaching in a school near Gotanda, the students asked me what anime I liked the most. I answered then they pelted me with "Have you seen this or that" and a few of them one would think (in the States) children in junior high shouldn't be watching due to some of the content.

    Hell, Card Captor Sakura was cut in half during translation due to "inappropriate relationships" (TomoyoxSakura, TouyaxYukito, SyaoranxYukito). Different cultures.

  4. @Laevantienn

    You are right, but are you aware that Porn in Japan must be semi-censored? Strange, no?

  5. I don't mind an occational perverted scene or moment, but i really hate those 'Ecchi' animes... that's one of the reason i mostly watch only Yaoi/Shonen-ai. They may feature sex and nudity and such, but it's not nearly as 'perverted' as Ecchi (mostly).

  6. @Oswald Leon

    Yes I do know that. Strange isn't it? The US doesn't require such censorship even though it is more adverse to sex and Japan requires censorship even though they aren't as tight about sex. Funny in a way. Hence the reason tentacles were brought into hentai. And by censored we mean pixelation of certain areas.

  7. @Laevantienn

    Yeah it just has to do with cultures. Japan is more lax with the sexual content, and America is more lax with the violent content.

  8. I used to have this mentality that anime was only for kids or perverted adults, but I was proved wrong with several series I now love. I can't stand overly fanserviced shows or ecchi. A little bit does not bother me, but shows like Shuffle bother me some.

  9. Is Attack On Titan in anyway whatsoever perverted? It really depends on the anime. Noragami isn't, but I could see someone calling Soul Eater perverted (it's not though) It depends on the type of anime, it's just stereotypical to call ANIME in general perverted. And besides, going along with what @LOLDSFAN said, some cultures are just more okay with certain things. So does that make people who watch things from that culture perverted? Then would THAT make non-Americans who watch American shows Masochist for watching our violent shows?