Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do you like your anime serious, silly or mixed?

I happen to like all types of anime.  I'm very open-minded when it comes to any type of entertainment, and it really doesn't matter what genre I watch.  This definitely goes for anime.  Most of the time I'm just happy to be watching gorgeous animated features.  That's not to say that I don't get in certain moods from time to time.

Lately I'm on a very big serious anime kick.  There's just something in me that likes to watch anime and feel really connected to it.  I can feel connected with a humorous anime, but I never really reach that same level of depth that I get out of serious anime.  Again, I don't always feel this way, but I'm certainly in this mood lately.

I think it might have something to do with the amount of fantastic series anime that I've seen lately.  I think if I caught a line of funny anime, I'd be more into that right now.  All it will take is one serious anime that misses the mark a bit, and I think I'll be ready to jump back into the humorous side of things.  It's never fun to be series all the time.

Are you into serious or silly anime?  Perhaps you like the anime that mixes up these two qualities.  Let us know what tickles your fancy!


  1. I like a good mix. I like the Higurashi and Umineko series because it's like, one second everyone is all happy and living their life with friends and stuff. Then the next minute somebody's getting brutally murdered.

    School Rumble I'd say leans more toward the humorous side, but I've always liked how they could push a story while keeping the humor going. They didn't need to shove in long dramatic parts to move the story then have a section dedicated to "HOHOHO DIS IS FUNNEH, YEH?" School Rumble just keeps it throughout.

  2. I like it mixed. Funny, serious and funny-serious.

  3. It actually depends on how I feel and what time of day it is. I tend to watch more serious anime's at night and funnier or lighthearted ones in the day.

  4. I prefer to not answer this question. I've seen too many anime to be held back by specific types or genres. Funny anime is great for unwinding. Mixed is good for a general mood and serious is good if you are in need of a good squeeze (MIND SQUEEZE!).

    Umineko and Higurashi are indeed good examples of a mixed style. Nichijou and Lucky Star are excellent silly anime anyone can pick up (but not quite understand until you have watched enough anime in Lucky Stars case). Ghost in the Shell plays a good serious role as does Madoka.

    Time of day was mentioned by ChaosDragon88. It's true that people's mood will change with the daylight and thus some tend to like lighthearted anime during the day and darker anime at night.

    Anime of my post (1st): Denpa Teki na Kanojo (OVA) Murder Mystery and just a great show. I wanted more.

  5. Well with videogames, I only like certain genres. But with anime, I love all types. I find myself though switching it up sometimes. Like I go from bloody/serious to happy/fun and vice-versus.