Friday, June 24, 2011

What's your anime day?

There's this terrible thing that starts to happen when you grow up.  You start to lose what could very well be one of the most precious things in time.  When you're a kid you have tons of it, but you never realize just how important it is.  You also don't realize it's going to disappear until it's already gone.  One day you'll be hit by a wall of realization.  You're an adult now, and there's simply not enough time to do things you love to do!

Damn that work/school for getting in the way.  It's a vicious circle, it is.  You have to be responsible and complete your work in order to earn money and live.  Then you spend that money on basic living expenses and are left with precious little to spend on hobbies and other things to put a smile on your face.  When you do get to purchase some of those fun frills, you spend most of your time at work/school and you can't enjoy them!

It's this sort of thing that has lead me to compartmentalizing book my time.  Look at this anime blog, for example.  Right now, I only get to update it when I have a break from GoNintendo, and those breaks are few and far between!  That's alright though, I don't mind sneaking in the posts.  I love anime just like I love Nintendo, so squeaking in articles puts a smile on my face instead of making me feel worked to the bone.

This time management situation also leads to specific times when it's absolutely best to watch anime.  Much like gaming, we're talking about an activity that can take a huge number of hours to work through.  If you're going to watch a regular anime series, you're talking about tens of hours of content to pour through!  It's not like you can drop everything your doing and just jump in on that.  This has lead me to creating 'Anime Night', which exists only in my head.

My biggest block of free time comes on Friday night.  I post my last article on GoNintendo for the night, and then I know that the weekend is officially on.  I also know that weekend news is much lighter than weekday stuff, so I can stay up later and enjoy whatever I want to do.  Some of that free time is spent watching anime. It really is the one block of time I look forward to all week!  I get more gaming an anime fun in those few hours than I do the entire week!

What's your anime viewing situation like?  Do you have a nightly routine where you watch a bit before heading to bed?  Do you have a certain block of time on a specific day like I do?  When do you manage to get your anime fix while still maintaining a normal life?


  1. Saturday night.

    Either watching the anime on Adult Swim (DuRaRaRa!! this Saturday at 12:30!) or other stuff online.

  2. During the school year it's Monday nights as I'm usually the one to run the showings of my college's anime club. During the summer its whenever new episodes come out and I'm bored.

  3. Well I just got a job a few months ago, and it is sad to see your free time disappear. So for now I watch in the mornings, and then late at night when I come home.

    When college starts up in the fall, I'm afraid I'll have no time XD. So my free time will probably be on the weekends.

  4. With work and school, I find the time. Anime is nice enough to accommodate me throughout the week. I can snag a few episodes a day sometimes and other times I can marathon a few more after I get in my basic exercises and other random things done.

    Once one gets a good grasp of how one spends time one can easily find the time to watch any backlog or new episodes that come out even with all that one must do.

  5. Just try to watch the new episodes as they come out and modify my very busy schedule around it. My schedule is not busy at all.

  6. My job continually changes my schedule so I never have a specific time open every week. I'm hoping to get a more steady schedule with a new job in the near future and then I will probably have an anime night/day.