Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did Adult Swim try to pick up an anime, only to get shut out?

I had Adult Swim on in the background while working, as I usually do, and I noticed this bump out of the corner of my eye.  I paused the DVR and grabbed a pic for you guys.

As you know, Adult Swim airs quite a bit of anime on Saturdays.  They also love to post humorous bumps, but some of them seem to have a truthful tone to them.  That's what I'm wondering about with this very bump!  I know that Adult Swim has tried to pick up a few anime features in the past, but they were shot down for various reasons.  That could be exactly what's going on here.

Then again...maybe it's just a joke altogether.  I mean, at first glance, FLCL seems to be incomprehensible!  I still don't know how Adult Swim managed to convince the higher-ups to put that into a time slot, but I'm forever grateful that they did!


  1. Its very possible RMC, I've heard rumors that one of the higher ups at Adult Swim dislikes anime.

  2. Time to find out who...and point him in the direction of this blog!

  3. It's a running joke that they only get and keep anime they like.

    It's also common knowledge that Bebop is Williams Streets' favorite, which is most likely why they've kept it since the very beginning.

    I think the bump is mostly just tongue-in-cheek humor towards anime fans complaining about the lack of anime. They got 2 series last year and only 1 this year (so far).

    I used to get up-in-arms about that kind of stuff, but it eventually got to the point where I stopped caring and just plain stopped watching [as], even when I hear about shows I actually want to watch.

  4. I've heard one of the higher-ups hate anime too.

    I always thought the bump was mainly humor, because you should check the wiki of the animes AS ran.

    Was a pretty good list.