Monday, June 27, 2011

Anime purchases/viewings you regret

There is no entertainment medium that can offer grade-A content all the time.  Anime is absolutely no different.  For all the fantastic content out there, there's a few series that just don't live up to their potential.  Either that, or they just stink from the first episode. I'm always willing to give any show a shot when it first starts, but if things continue to be miserable 5 episodes in with no signs of getting better, I usually have to bow out.

For me, there's very few things that are more furious than picking up a bad anime.  You can only do so much research before you have to jump in.  This was especially true in the days before anime played such a big role on the internet.  Now it's a bit easier to check out episodes of anime and read reviews before you actually decide to make a purchase.  Even with all that help, sometimes you'll hit a perfect storm of content that will lead you believe an anime is worth a shot when it's definitely not.

Now remember, this is my personal opinion, but I feel really let down with Tweeny Witches.  I remember reading a handful of reviews that were favorable enough for me to check out the series, but for the life of me I can't remember where I read them.  I know one of the reviews stated that things started out slow but picked up soon thereafter.  Unfortunately, I never found that to be the truth.  Now I have the DVDs sitting on my shelves, and they truly are the one big purchase that I regret everytime I see them.

What anime viewing or purchase do you wish you didn't take part in?  It's okay, air your dirty laundry.  We won't judge you for it.


  1. Suzuka. I watched the whole thing and hated most of it. I have no idea why I continued it.

  2. I have several series that I feel I regret getting, but most of them I got super cheap on a sale so I don't feel horrible, but they do take up space on my shelf. I just couldn't get into Comic Party no matter how much I tried. Also the Negima Summer/Spring OVAs which was just an excuse for animators to show middle school girls with as much fanservice as possible.

  3. I await the flames, but... Chobits.

    Did not care for that series at all. That and .Hack/Sign

  4. I'm usually careful with purchases, but sometimes on Halloween I grab movies or anime with a Halloweeny vibe just for the heck of it. One year I grabbed a movie of Ghost Hunter Mikami. I found it pretty...well, boring. Watched it once and never again. Not the best use of my money.

    For recent viewings I can think of, I thought Midori Days would be a lot better than it turned out to be; I watched the first couple episodes at Otakon and it was really funny, but the later episodes really got too dramatic for an anime about a guy who now has a girl for a hand...

    Also I found Tsubasa really boring.

    @allengator86: While I enjoyed a lot of Comic Party, I absolutely hated the second series they put out.

  5. Oh, I answered on twitter. But Shuffle because of the ridicolous amount of panty shots and fan service. Also a Harem, which is, at this point, a negative right out the gate for me in terms of anime. Visual novels, not so much.

    @moron9000 I read the manga. I heard the anime wasn't very good, but I can't say. I liked the manga because the main girl wasn't tsundere, just stubborn. But there were parts that I was mad at lol. I get mad easily when it comes to Manga and Anime lol

  6. I'm not that hard to please, but the one show I totally regretted watching was .hack//Roots.

    Like Sign it has slow pacing, but on top of that the ending just left you hanging! They expect you to pick up their three video games to find out the conclusion D:

    I tried going through a play through of the games, but being how they are RPG's (long and tedious), I got tired after about the 60th video or so. I then decided to just read it on a wiki, but it's not the same as seeing it in video form :/

  7. Burst Angel is a waste... Wasted $50 on that show.

  8. Texhnolyze.

    I really liked Lain, and loved (LOVED!) Haibane Renmei, so I since Yoshitoshi ABe was involved with Texhnolyze, I figured I would enjoy it. While I didn't hate it, I couldn't seem to really get into it. I found it rather boring and depressing.

  9. The only show I regret wasting time on is Evangelion. What a train wreck of show that tried way too hard for its own good. I stuck through to the end but I really had to push myself. Other shows I have dropped but more because they just weren't my type. Eva had(has) so many big fans that I thought it would be better than it would but they really did try too hard to make connections that were weak to begin with. That and I wanted to hit the main character throughout the entire show.

    One I was disappointed in was Chaos;Head. It had a lot of potential but they dropped the ball with too much precursor. They fixed the problems with Steins;Gate which is a great show.

  10. As far as purchases, I don't think I have regretted anything I actually spent money on. Although DearS and Chibi Vampire as an anime is not nearly as good as the manga, but they're still kinda funny. I suppose.

    The anime versions of Midori Days and Love Hina were abominations of the manga series. My god.

    Midori Days was missing so many plot points and Love Hina... fffff...

    Also, the anime version of uhhh..Angel Sanctuary. An ex made me watch it and it was stupid and only like 3 episodes long.

    I also have no idea what to make of Texhnolyze. I mean, I watched the first DVD once and I said "Screw this". It was horrible to start. No dialogue or sound for the first episode and a half. Then like, one line, and then nothing until episode 3.

    Granted, I saw the second DVD and things started to pick up, but I feel like it was WAAAAAY too slow paced for me to actually keep watching. Oh well.