Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anime that goes from great to bad

Being an anime fan, there are some truly sad moments with series'. I'm not talking about the anime storylines being sad, but instead, the progression that some franchises take. It's something that I think most of us have had happen, and it truly is a bummer.

Have you ever watched a series that you feel started out great, but really fell apart as it went along? Watching what starts off as an engaging series only to see it degrade into something ho-hum is always disappointing. It doesn't happen quite often, but it's one of those things that really sticks with you when it does.

Here's the big issue I have. Watching a series that takes a downward turn is really rough when you're tight on free time. You want to watch a show that really is worth your time, and investing in one that just falls apart is like wasting that precious free time. That's time you'll never get back!

What series' have you see that kind of fell apart as things went on? Leave us a comment and fill us in on what shows you've see drag down.


  1. Mine would be Baka and Test. It starts out promising, but then it feels like a series that is mostly filler.

  2. Unfortunately, Durarara happens to be one of those series for me. I know that show is a big deal for many of you guys right now with the weekly chat and all, but it really is a show that goes to great to...not so great. I guess I wouldn't bad, because even the second half is still good. But compared to the first half of the series, it's a mere shell of its former self.

    Nana, and Death Note are other shows that really take a hit in their second halfs as well.

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  4. This issue is very prevalent in manga, which affects any anime based on it. When a manga gets to a point where it has played out it's initial story, people get used to the story and characters and it loses some of it's novelty. This is when a lot of series begin to be very repetitive in their story arcs. The problem stems from the fact that most of authors want to have their series run for as long as possible. The best series, in both manga and anime, are the ones that begin with the intention to end the series at a reasonable point and not have it drag on. Those are the stories that are most compelling.

  5. Oh dear I've gotten so behind on my comments!!! Nooo!

    Um well let's see here. Actually this usually never happens to me. Usually stories start out really bad, then they get better. Usually I find myself watching the last 5 or so episodes really fast because they are so good.