Monday, October 3, 2011

What anime would you like to see anime tackle more often?

I like to think that anime is a bit more daring and fresh than most other entertainment mediums, especially when it comes to TV shows, films and theater. It's not that I don't respect for those outlets and that I don't enjoy content from that side of the fence. I do indeed, but there's just certain things in anime that tickle my fancy a bit more.

One of those elements comes into play when anime goes after topics that most other formats don't touch. I personally believe that anime goes after sci-fi themes that are more engaging and far-reaching than anything else I've seen out there. It might have something to do with the animation element itself, but whatever the reasoning, I think anime has a leg up

Of course, that's not the only topic or storyline that anime tackles. There are all sorts of features that zero in on elements that we see in in all walks of life. With that said, there are still some storyline ideas or real-life elements that I'd like to see come into play a bit more.

For me, I am really enjoying the slice-of-life approach that some series' are taking. I always like to see more everyday content made interesting, which is certainly not an easy thing to do. When it comes to anime, what topics and ideas do you wish the industry would put forth more, or even tackle for the first time?


  1. Well, I like psycological stuff. So anything in that genre would please me. Anime is starting to head in the moe/slice-of-life direction and I kinda wish we could see some more weird, creepy, thought-provoking stuff. Not just stories that revolve around high school kids. ^^;

  2. They need to make an anime for Umi no Misaki. I love that manga.

  3. I would give my left arm to see an anime adaptation of Saint Young Men.

    I would give /someone else's/ left after to see it hit the states.

  4. The American college experience...Yeeeeah

    lol it would be funny to see what that would be like from their view point :P