Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Gundam AGE the best place for me to start?

I know two things about Gundam AGE. The first thing is the violent fan reaction to this version of Gundam. Fans of the franchise are not happy about the direction at all, as it's skewing younger and towards newcomers to the series. The second thing I know is that this Gundam entry is the one that entices me the most.

See, I don't have the 'baggage' of the previous Gundam series entries with me. I'm looking at Gundam with fresh eyes, and what I see here is definitely appealing. Indeed, I know that this is an attempt to get younger kids into the Gundam franchise. I think that's the element that really sells me on it.

I need a starting point for the franchise. Something other than going back and watching the very first Gundam release all the way up to what's available now. I need something new and fresh, something a little more simplistic in its tone. I need to really ease myself into this world of Gundam, and I believe AGE could be what I need.

Gundam fans, how do you feel about AGE? Are you open to the idea of this new start for the franchise, or do you happen to be one of those people that is foaming at the mouth with this direction? I'd love to hear from both sides on this one!


  1. Too early to tell really. I mean it's probably going to be hard to take it seriously with kids and such, but we'll see.

    And I thought you already were going to start with the original Gundam movies or something?

  2. @LOLDSFAN: The sad part is that he's not much younger than the average main character in a Gundam series, the animation just makes them look like they're 10 years younger than they actually are.

    I've only watched the first episode, but I highly doubt I'll enjoy the series. It looks that terrible.

    Now RMC, you can start with this one if you want, but from what I can see, don't think any other series will be like this one.