Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hulu, Netflix seeing big success with anime

We've talked many times about how Netflix and Hulu offer up a lot of anime content for fans, and they make it easy to find. The support is also non-stop, with new anime content being added all the time. Not surprisingly, these anime endeavors are bringing in lots of cash for both companies.

“Networks might be happy to get a show that 20 million people kind of like. We’re more interested in finding a show that a million people love to death.” - Andy Forssell, Hulu’s senior vice president for content

This means that FUNimation and other companies are making a tiny profit off of these ventures as well. Then, in turn, they can released dubbed, cleaned-up versions of the shows on DVD for the fans that want to own what they saw online.

Adult Swim also recognizes the importance of anime in a lineup, and while they're not going to spend a ton of cash to grab a show, they do know that people out there are interested in the content.

“We’re not interested in paying a lot of money for anime because that targeted audience has so many different ways to see it before it goes on our air. Every once in a while we look and say we could gain a rating point here and there, but we’d rather be more interesting and edgy from a programming standpoint, and that means anime.” - Mike Lazzo, senior vice president for programming and production at Adult Swim


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  1. Yeah it is true lol. There are a lot of ways to watch anime online than on tv :P

    But at the same time, I always enjoy and will go out of my way watching stuff on tv too like Durarara!!