Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation - United World Episode trailer

Seems like I've been talking a lot about games and anime lately. I guess that's just the way things are going right now! Anime-related games and games related to anime are always out there, but things seem to die down and then heat up. We're currently in a really big rush of game-based anime, with the Tales of Symphonia animation above being the newest thing.

The 'Tales of' series is quite popular in Japan, and it's certainly no stranger to anime. It's clear that Japan has a special spot in their hearts for the series, even if it's popularity doesn't measure up to that of series' like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. With that said, the Tales Of series definitely sees a lot more crossover into the anime world.

Do you watch the Tales of anime entries? Do you play the games? Being a fan of the games here in the states can be tough, considering how some series entries don't get localized. Things are actually looking up for fans right now, with a number of titles on the way. Let's hope this push in the states leads to more fans, and then more chances of localized anime!


  1. lol that green girl looks like C.C. from Code Geass :P

  2. When are you going to play the game RMC?!

    Anyway, the first two ToS series were great, despite taking 5 years to come out. Can't wait for this one to slowly trickle out.