Friday, October 14, 2011

Madoka Magica localization details - release dates, versions and more

- releasing in three different parts
- dates for release are Feb. 14th, April 10th and June 12th
- three different 'versions' as well
- limited edition box set
- regular Blu-ray edition
- regular DVD edition
- limited edition will be a BD/DVD/CD combo in a collectors box
- collectors box comes with twenty-four page booklet, a double sided poster, Kyubei sticker, post cards, original soundtrack CD and the on disc extra of the clean opening
- bilingual release
- Sayaka Miki being played by Sarah Williams
- QB played by Cassandra Lee
- Madoka Kaname played by Christine Marie Cabanos



  1. Leave it to Aniplex to keep singles releases at outrageous prices alive. It's like they're actively trying to kill off the R1 anime market.

  2. Yeah like I said a while back, with all the girls it will probably sound better in Japanese.