Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Join the internet's biggest for/against anime debate...raging on right now!

This is the one image that started it all. A discussion about why some people hate anime and others love it. The conversation is taking place on Reddit, with the thread having made it all the way up to the front page. That's not the front page of Reddit's anime section...that's the front page of Reddit in general!

Right now there are thousands of people saying why they hate anime, as well as thousands defending it. I already know what side of the fence you guys are on, but that doesn't mean the conversation doesn't need your help! Click over and share your passion!

Remember, be respectful and help move the conversation along. There are plenty of people that are going to troll, but we anime fans can show we're better than that. No one is 'wrong' for disliking anime, but we can definitely show them what they're missing out on, and why they might want to rethink the position.

Thread here


  1. This means... WAR!!! ... joke ... oh well... it's not our job to make anyone believe... it's their choice...

  2. That's a very well drawn propaganda poster, too bad it's negative towards us :/