Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just who is getting offered roles in the live-action Akira?

With talk of Akira seeing a live-action adaptation on the big screen, many are wondering just who is going to take on some of the bigger roles. While we still don't know the details on just who is being pegged for those major characters, we do have information on some of the smaller roles.

Word on the street is that actors Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter were offered roles in Akira. Oldman was offered the role of Colonel and Bonham-Carter would play Lady Miyako. I could see how both of these actors could portray those roles, and I'm sure they'd do a good job, but it's just tough to take those two actors and slip them into the anime roles.

Let's say this casting ends up being the real deal. What do you think of those two actor choices so far? Does it give you hope for future roles to be cast in a positive light?


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