Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's the worst dub you've ever heard?

I already know that most of you guys prefer subs to dubs, and that's an understatement. Most of the anime scene out there prefers to read along with the action rather than listen to an awful dub. We've all been there before...we've all been burned by a bad dub.

I still prefer dubs, as I find it easier to get involved in the story. Sometimes when I read I end up missing content, and then I'll have to rewatch scenes later on. Hearing the dialog while taking in the visuals is the optimal situation for me, but if it's a dub like the one above, I think I'd rather read!

What is the absolute worst example of dubbing you've seen? Show us a video, leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter!


  1. Anything 4Kids ever did.

  2. lol Paragus does sound like Shakespeare :P