Sunday, October 9, 2011

DVD or simulcast?

On Anime Your Way, I like to focus on the anime titles that have received official translation, localization and hardcopy release here in the states. There are more and more titles picked up every single day for localization, which is a great thing to see. It clearly shows that there's a market here, and that the size of that market is enough to successfully run a company.

With that said, there are also other outlets for anime fans to get their entertainment. Obviously online is the number 1 stop for most anime fans to hunt down content that they're interested in. With all the online outlets and options for anime viewing, it's quite easy to stumble upon or find a show that you want to check out.

There's one thing that online offers that the retail world of anime just can't handle, and that's simulcasts. More and more, we're seeing certain websites provide official simulcasts of anime programming that's airing in Japan right now. No need to wait for a DVD/Blu-ray localized release. These simulcasts provide subtitles for English speakers, which let's us see exactly what's hot in Japan right now.

I was wondering which one you do more when viewing anime. Are you more likely to pick up a DVD or Blu-ray localized release, or do you find yourself watching more simulcast content online. There's obviously an ease-of-use factor with simulcasts, but some people just enjoy purchasing content for keeps.

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  1. I always hear that simulcast's have pretty week sub's so I just watch fansubs if it's in Japanese.