Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Piece in 6 minutes

You know how I was saying that I've missed out on all of One Piece? Imagine my surprise when I found a video that crams the entire series into 6 minutes! I know I'm missing A TON of content, but this still gives me a great idea of what the show is like. I can easily see that I'm missing out on one hell of an epic adventure.


  1. I've never gotten into One Piece either. I rarely watch anime series that have hundreds and hundreds of episodes. There's just too much filler for my tastes, and way too many episodes in general for me to sit down and watch. I prefer shows that fall between 12 and 50 episodes, as they are usually much better paced, and have more focused narratives.

  2. I decided to look to see how many episodes there have been so far, and over 500???

    Wow I mean it would take some real dedication to get through all of those. It would take like 3 months to catch up if you were to watch 5 a day XD