Sunday, October 16, 2011

Level-5 presents a new anime, Yokai Watch

Level-5 is a video game company, but they always dabble in anime collaborations as well. It looks like they have another anime/game on the way, this one called Yokai Watch. You can see the debut trailer for this anime/game above. No word on what platforms this game will hit at this time.

The anime is about a young boy that manages to come upon a ghost watch, which then lets him see the ghosts that haunt people all over the world. He then uses the powers of the watch to help rid people of those evil or harassing spirits. Seems like a pretty fun idea!

This one is obviously aimed at a bit of a younger crowd, but that's completely fine by me. I'd love to give the show a shot, and the premise seems like one that would work well with localization. Obviously talk like that is very far off, but hopefully initial reaction will help push things in that direction.

What did you guys think of the debut trailer for Yokai Watch?


  1. I think it looks cute and worth a watch, plus i am a big Yokai fan.

  2. It looks very retro to me. The animation style that is.

  3. Looks very interesting I'll watch the subbed anime and play a localized video game.